Coming your way in 2020 (pt1)

The future is here, the future is now; but for what it may lack in flying cars and hoverboards, 2020 more than delivers when it matters most – wave after wave of cinematic delights.

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Star Wars - A Brief History

We bring you up to scratch with a brief, yet complete, history of the battle between the light and dark sides of the Force.


Coming your way this December

This month sees Santa dashing through the snow in his one - horse open sleigh, bringing with him a sack full of cinematic goodies ready to be unwrapped.


Frozen II – Journey into the Unknown

Express flights to the hottest (well, coldest) destination the Mouse House has to offer are about to depart. Buckle up, ensure your seat trays are in an upright position and get ready to be swept away.

What's on This November

What's On This November

Now that we’ve all finished begging for sweets from strangers while dressed like an extra from a low budget horror film, or finally managed to extinguish the neighbour’s fence after that out-of-control Catherine wheel, it’s once again time to see what’s on offer at your local cinema.

Focus on... Doctor Sleep

Focus on... Doctor Sleep

Hitting cinemas this Halloween is the sequel adaption to the literary sequel of classic horror novel The Shining, from legendary author Stephen King, and, also the sequel to classic horror film The Shining, from legendary director Stanley Kubrick. Still with us? Good, then we shall proceed.