Filmology FAQs


Q. How much do cinema tickets cost when purchasing through Sodexo Filmology corporate purchasing site (bulk)?

A. The price of cinema vouchers is based on the quantity values you purchase. Typically, employee benefits companies buy bulk quantities of tickets in order to save as much money as possible. So you can take advantage of a greater discount by increasing your order value.

Q. How long are cinema tickets valid for when purchasing through Filmology Bulk?

A. All cinema vouchers have a guaranteed minimum 6-month validity from the date of purchase.

Q. How easy is it for employees to redeem the discount cinema vouchers?

A. It’s really straight-forward. Our cinema vouchers are delivered via eCode, meaning there is no fuss with printing. Just take the eCode with you to the cinema box-office on your mobile, printed or you can pre-book online using the unique eCode provided.

Q. Which cinema chains can I purchase in Bulk from Filmology?

A. Cineworld Cinemas, The Light Cinema, Empire, Picturehouse, Merlin cinemas and more, plus even Sky Store!

Q. Am I limited to which venues I can use my cinema ticket vouchers at?

A. Our vouchers are valid at the cinema chain you have purchased for for any standard 2D film, at any time. Exclusions apply. All vouchers are valid 7-days a week.

Q. What types of cinema tickets can I purchase using Filmology’s corporate purchasing site?

A. We have a full suite of cinema vouchers available, including Adult and Child standard 2D. Specifically for Cineworld Cinemas you can also purchase our exclusive Premium eCode, which is valid for ScreenX, 4DX, Superscreen and IMAX. There are also drinks and food vouchers, as well as annual passes available for Cineworld and Picturehouse venues.

Q. As an employee benefits company, how easy is it for me to sign up to purchase cinema vouchers for my customers?

A. The setup process is entirely digital, meaning that you can get started in less than 48 hours. We take some details, and then set you up your own online account to our corporate ordering site. You can start ordering as soon as you have access.

Q. As an employee benefits company, how easy is it for me to order bulk cinema vouchers?

A. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible. You’ll have access to our corporate ordering site, where you can order as many tickets as you like and have got 24/7 access too.

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