Frozen II – Journey into the Unknown

Express flights to the hottest (well, coldest) destination the Mouse House has to offer are about to depart. Buckle up, ensure your seat trays are in an upright position and get ready to be swept away.

What's on This November

What's On This November

Now that we’ve all finished begging for sweets from strangers while dressed like an extra from a low budget horror film, or finally managed to extinguish the neighbour’s fence after that out-of-control Catherine wheel, it’s once again time to see what’s on offer at your local cinema.

Focus on... Doctor Sleep

Focus on... Doctor Sleep

Hitting cinemas this Halloween is the sequel adaption to the literary sequel of classic horror novel The Shining, from legendary author Stephen King, and, also the sequel to classic horror film The Shining, from legendary director Stanley Kubrick. Still with us? Good, then we shall proceed.

Coming Your Way this October

Coming your Way This October

Robots and zombies and abominable snowmen oh my! October is here, which means All Hallows' Eve is close at hand. But it's not just scares, screams and things that go bump in the middle of the night at your local cinema. Let's take a look at some of the cinematic treats coming your way this month.

Is Joker a potential Oscar winner?

Is Joker a Potential Oscar Winner?

What do you get if you cross an iconic DC villain now synonymous with one of the greatest cinematic performances of all time, an actor renowned for being uniquely talented if not a little unhinged, and a director famous for directing The Hangover and Old School?

Guest Blog

7 Horror Film Facts That You May Not Know

Now that the pleasantries of summer are coming to an end it’s time to gear up for the darker months, and with that comes scares…plenty of scares. With horror season well underway, and a glut of films forcing you to hide that spare pair of undies as you creep into the cinema, we take a look at some…

8 Films to See this July

8 Films to See this July

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a spider, man. That’s right. A new month is upon us and that can only mean one thing…it’s time to gear up for a new Marvel movie! And what better way to escape from all the eight-legged critters nonchalantly making their way across your living room floor than…